Happy Thaw! Happy New Year!

By the time I got out to Church Street , to head west,  I’d seen 12 other folks on bicycles, getting from here to there.

That’s 12 people in the middle of *January,* temp. about 33 degrees.     I basically saw somebody else on a bicycle for that whole part of the trip.

Once I get out to Church, it’s one-way and that’s not as common a commute route.  People tend to be more fair-weather getting to Parkland — the bus goes there, and the Park District doesn’t ever, ever clear the sidewalk next to Bradley, one of the highest traffic count roads around.  Even if it weren’t one of the busiest roads, you don’t want to be the Slow Thing In Traffic in front of People Who Are Running Late For Class.

If I can find the rest of my portable snow shovel (the plastic stick-in-your-trunk kind that I bought to put in the rental when the forecast was utterly ominous before Thanksgiving) I just might consider clearing it myself.  I heard of a path that cyclists cleared for a while and then didn’t… and enough people complained that the establishment recognized it should be cleared. It’s a place that gets drifty, too, so even today I wimped out and walked over a chunk of nasty in the middle of it.

Chance of stuff tonight but it might stay above freezing.   YAY.   I’m going to aim for 200 miles for the month, which is a bit of a challenge given that I’ll be out of town half of next week.

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