January Thaw! For real!

I didn’t really take advantage of it yesterday, but I did ride out and finally return some music downtown… and I saw a bike in my mirror.   It was a woman with a huge messenger bag… I wondered what-all was in it … and I caught up to her at the light and realized she was clipped into a fixie and was just hangin’ the track stand with utter patience and elegance, waiting for the light to turn green.   No wobbles…

Was it two years ago we lost Pansy?   She had posted a motivational thread at BikeJournal encouraging people to get in 25 mile rides and post ’em… and the thread’s still up there from quarter to quarter (partly because somebody was smart enough to just make a “username” of quarters that anybody could do, so that when she died, it didn’t die :)) … so today I went out and rode around my four mile grid four times … the Garmin was low on juice but I had to work to keep the four-milers under 19 minutes for hte first 3 and then just cruise on the fourth.

Last year, I didn’t get a 25 miler in for all of January or February (and I didnt’ look at March).   So **maybe** this is the year I’ll get my mojo back.  We’ll see… ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it…

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