The age of cluelessness

Yesterday and Sunday I had the chance to ride out, at night, South of WIndsor, in fog and mist dense enough so that during the day, my solar powered lantern isn’t charging.   It is most awesome 😉

BOth rides were to go out and Christmas Carol, which is also awesome 🙂

Monday night I was heading out to Parkview Apartments to sing with Choral Union for the folks there.   I went online to look up the address, and here’s where cluelessness begins.

THe “driving directions” to the place went to a different address than the place actually is; several miles away.

So!  I click “contact and fill out the little form, which requires me to say when I want to move in.

I comment about the above and submit.

Today I get a really nice, friendly email… inviting me to visit and get ready to move in.

I send back an email saying no, I don’t want to move in; just wanted to let ’em know about the web page.

I get a phone call, apologizing for the misundersatnding on voicemail because she didn’t know I wanted to talk on the phone but she was all kinds of eager to tell me about living there.

I sent another email practicing diplomacy saying I didn’t know how to say more clearly that I didn’t want to live there but that there was a problem with the web page (and that since they obviously weren’t going to understand me, I *really* didn’t want to live there).

I got a call within a minute asking how I coudl be helped to find what I was looking for.

I explained very slowly that I wasn’t looking for anything …. just thought they might want to know…

Oh, they don’t have anythign to do with the web page, that was corporate.. I suggested she talk to corporate…

One response to “The age of cluelessness

  1. We see stuff like this often on really bad sitcoms. It’s discouraging to see that there really are people like this in reality.

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