Unseasonably warm

Oh, My!!!!   I don’t think I’ve heard that phrase since… forever! I was trying to remember whether by thuis time last year things had gone into the snow toilet … but whether or not it was actually thoroughly cold and nasty, I know it wasn’t “unseasonably warm.”

Even on the windiest of the days, too, the winds will be gusting to … 16.   Dudes!

Might just head out SUnday for at least 25 miles — I won’t need that for the ‘goal’ of 5200 (100 miles/week_) for the year, but my motivation will be that it will make it easier to start the new year with a bang.

Hmmm…. another thought:   to actively combat the “geez, it’s hard to get up because it’s dark outside!”   – it *is* light by the time I leave – and plan pre-dawn departures for work and an extra few miles.

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