Go Pro Sidewalk Moments

Well, they would have been, had I had a body camera attached.

There are two stretches of my commute where I’m usually on a sidewalk/Multi-use path.   Coming in, I grab the puny sidewalk for the last quarter mile, when I am heading West on Bradley, which has one of the highest traffic counts in the county and when I’m coming in, they’re people in a hurry to get to class.

On my route either way, I cut through campus and yes, a student was meandering in the middle of the wide path… I gave my little ‘toot’ with the air horn from 15 feet back… oblivious.   I hollered as I approached and the face-to-screen ears-to-buds student shuffled out of the way, apologizing; I suggested he pay some attention to the world (knowing he wasn’t going to hear that anyway).

That made me reflect on the morning commute, where I also approached a pedestrian (rare) and tooted my horn.   This student immediately stepped slowly, but clearly, off the sidewalk into the grass, bringing his hands up just far enough … to make me think, “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Guess I don’t need to inform you as to the racial identity of either person, do I? I’m not going to assume that this student has learned “always assume you need to prove you’re unarmed, no sudden moves, even on a sidewalk with a bicycle approaching…”   but… I can’t assume it’s not true, either.

Freezing rain in the forecast tomorrow night, so I’ll be getting that CUMTD yearly pass…

2 responses to “Go Pro Sidewalk Moments

  1. With so many guns in our society now, one has to assume everyone has one.

  2. Sad to think that the morning person had to feel that way.

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