Baby, it’s cold out side

Okay, not really — it’s in the 20’s.  That’s lots of degrees!   Still, getting to Parkland from the airport yesterday a.m. w/ at least 15 mph headwinds… I really didn’t want to do the Duncan over-the-interstate overpass on a windy day when nobody’s looking for bicycles, especially on the tiny little invisible-feeling Trek (that woudl fit nicely in the back of the rental that I was dropping off, which I had to get from the airport b/c when I called to see if I could get my reserved car a day early, I found out I didn’t actually have a reservation so THANK YOU weather, my dear friend, for inspiring DIRE forecasts that made me call, since otherwise I would have wandered in Wednesday a.m. *thinking* I had a car reserved instead of snagging one and taking off extra early and going through nice, 34-degree wet snowflakes and arriving earlier than I ever have).

Night time I rode on home still feeling invisible but those Christmas lights on the back of the backpack do their job.   People saw me  😉   I managed 25 *brisk* miles (either charging into headwind or hustling to get to Chorus on time) *and* bonus stretching when I had to wait about ten minutes for a train.

Still, really nice to be back on Sir Xtra today.   Haven’t figured out what’s up with the light — it seems to spontaneously come on after about 3  miles of riding.   It definitely has a broken-off connecting pin but it might be contacting anyway… and perhaps it’s just so cold that it takes that long to charge things up.  I’ll sneak by MakerSpace and see if they have any advice…

Tonight’s goal:   get the “trainer room” cleared out.   Hey, now that I have *two* aluminum Treks I can just park one on the trainer.   I might just could also use our fitness center indoor walking/jogging track …

And I’m thinking instead of putting a tree on the bike… I had thought of making it a sleigh but I think I shall try to make it a camel or a donkey…

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