Not. What. I. Had. In. Mind.

Seems one of my virtual biking compadres was creamed and killed by a FedEx Semi yesterday.   Won’t see posts by Kirke Johnson again. Not the reason I wanted to be posting more often.

CUMTD says today was a record cold of 8 but I wasn’t cold riding in — but there was a nice tailwind (and it was prob’ly 14 where I was).   The snow pants are nice, but I wish somebody would actually design snow pants for a bicycle — skinny at the ankles, please…

Took me halfway in to reconstruct yesterday’s “I know I had a good idea!! What was it ?!?!?”  — a place to meet, eat, and do the technology thing.   Pizza M tries but it’s too noisy in the back.   Parkland COllege should do it out of their hospitality department.

I did ride faster going in — on purpose, not just because of the tailwind. I’m really glad I ignored the inner suggestion that really, it’s uncomfortable that cold.  (I’m also somewhat sure that Tuesday, with the 25 mph winds and blowing snow and 9 degrees, that it *would* have been uncomfortable — but not entirely…)

Spring is just around the corner though 😉

One response to “Not. What. I. Had. In. Mind.

  1. It’s too bad about your compadre Kirke. These things happen often but it’s so much more tragic when it’s someone we know.

    Riding in the cold weather is no where near as bad as many believe. I took a short ride to get some eggs from a local this morning and it was actually such a fun ride that I did not immediately go home but rode on to a coffee shop. Well not really a coffee shop. I had coffee at McDonald’s with all the retirees.

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