(yes, I’m going to post more )

Okay, it’s time to make this regular like.

Had that CCB meeting and we do have a board and I wasn’t drafted. Our current pres found folks to step up and be new blood and the one who was there seems like he’ll be awesome and the one who wasn’t, we’ll meet. I rather trust my initial feeling of extreme gratitude that he went out and found folks to build our group instead of just keeping things in the little group we are (other interpretations occurred to me hours after the fact ;)). I may assign myself an unofficial job of “hurrying meetings along, ” since that seems to be an issue… I’m as distractible as anybody — but also don’t like sitting in one place for long 🙂
There’s a chatrt that compares our community to “Platinum,” and there are places where we are ‘way below … will find and blog about it soon.

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