Whew! Wind Unaided Ride…

Yesterday I volunteered at the Potomac Rest STop for the “rails to river” ride to benefit the future rails to trails we hope to have between here and Danville. It’s a grant we have to match 20% of to get it to happen… I got up at 5:00 and got a ride out to the rest stop and rode home… 18 mph winds is what the weather channel said were happening when I got back and that sounds about right. Yes, in my face the whole way… and I’m heading in with 3 miles to go and get reminded that, oh, Washington Street is CLOSED … I’m hoping I don’t get clocked on 150… happily, it’s all done bar the last touches, so I just ride between the cones where a truck had just come through, adn nobody hollered at me…

But here is my question: how to get *this* apart? Want to switch out to my new red bags… XTRACYCLEbackend

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