Bike Project… on the road…

So… Bike Project is not doing this weekend ’cause so many people are at Bike!Bike! … which meant I was riding … and I hear “Sir??? Sir??? Sir???”
He would pay top dollar if I have a pump. Which, I do — he has a Next bike with cobwebs, flat tires, and the zip tie from the price tag which he tells me he just got from somebody who had gotten it with the intention of losing weight but…
But I can’t get the pump to really seat right… I really try, three times because I *know* he’ll think I’m bailing when … I tell him, “I’ll be right back, I live just up the corner, I’ll go get a real pump. I won’t even be really out of your sight.”
Well, I was out of sight, because when I came riding back he had turned around to sit on the bike… and said, “You really did come back!”
He’s got transportation now… of course, I do hope it wasn’t snatched from a garage, cobwebs and all…

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