Okay, this seems like it will be a minor saga … I have received the awesome Sinewave REvolution. 

   I was seriously concerned about installation, especially since I don’t have the connector thingies on the web site … but… I dropped in at MakerSpace.   SOldering and splicing are their middle name.   (Note to self:  BRING BIG GIRL READING GLASSES.  ALWAYS  IF YOU GO TO MAKER SPACE BRING BIG GIRL READING GLASSES.)     

   On their website a recent user notes that it took “no special skills” to install — welp, in my mind, soldering and splicing are special skills with special tools… but you’ve probably got a MakerSpace near you, eh?   Or a Scout-Of-Some-Sort Crafty-Type Person?   Because those types of people *love* helping you with a really COOL USEFUL gadget for to charge things via USB port from dynamo hub.

    NOw, the only thing I need to do is FIND MY GPS and/or  figure out how to mount my cell phone to the handlebars… if I don’t figure out the handlebar bag by Friday I’ll spring for a phone mount from Champaign CYcle.   

    It rained on the thing good and proper today.   I do believe it’s waterproof.   (The MakerSpace folks did suggest that we install it “facing down” anyway.   I hope — but am not certain — that I would have thought of that myself…) 

    Pics soon but … it’s raining and I need to find the GPS… 


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