Busted again :)

I don’t have to be at the I-Hotel ’til nearly noon for the Faculty Summer Institute… so I gardened and then hopped on the bike for … well, about a mile because the weather loves me enough to gently water the plants I just put in. So I turned around to head back and there was a big ol’ Parkland College plastic bookstore bag lying under the CUMTD sign … I stopped, turned around and got it. It was fresh enough so it will still be good (tho’ I tried to imaging horrible things it might have been used for) and… I looked up to see a couple watching from their window, standing and grinning and waving greetings and/or approval. (It might also have been people I know; the window reflection kept me from making them out, and I don’t usually ride down that road).
Hoping to get in some almost real mileage this week, though… Wednesday will be ride of Silence. Next week: real miles. Really. I hope šŸ˜‰ Need to remember when I’m hesitating to go out because I need to get x, y, and/or z done which I’ve been muddling with… that after a ride I”m about 3.143 times as productive and I’ll have thought of five improvements on the ride.


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