Back in the saddle, again ;)

Hard not to think there is more than correlation between the fact that when the weather was so crappy I was on the bus, the academics suffered.   I don’t mean I didn’t get around to them… I mean  I couldn’t think as well — I spent that bus time on homework. It just didn’t get me there. (I even got a mini transformer laptop since I was on the bus so much. *That* is a sweet entity, albeit Lilliputian. Got me a mini-mouse Sunday to accompany it.) 

     Sunday was windy enough for a Rather Large Ball to just be rolling up Walnut Street.   Some poor pilates person is probably bereft… 


One response to “Back in the saddle, again ;)

  1. Andy in Germany

    I know that feeling. I cycle the first bit of the way to college and I’m noticably more awake (and warmer) than people who come by bus or car, except when it snows and I’m on public transport from start to finish.

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