Champaign Cycle In Urbana is Open!

It’s been a long, cold winter… and I’ve been focusing on academics. 

I did get a few pics that shall be posted… and tongiht as I rode down Main Street, I saw the lights on and People Inside at Champaign Cycle in Urbana… their “super-soft opening — no sales, just say hi!”   

The emphasis in the shop is urban, commuter bikes and gear. I’ll try to be their firstest customer tomorrow and bring the Gazelle down to get its light installed. Reckon I’ll spray the salt off first (I sprang for a couple of Industrial Strength Pesticide Spray Bottles from Uline and… they’re awesome, and I just wish I had the hacking skills to shrink the bottle down and keep the nozzleness intact.)   

    Trying to motivate self to think Calvin’s Challenge… I’m thinking I’ll beg the weather to cooperate march 23-30 — spring ‘break’ for students – so that I can put in some miles before and after work… and hopefully get so amazingly ahead in the coursework that I can devote the hours afterward, too.   The Illini CHill (source of a great pic of the river I had to ride through to get there) reminded me how utterly fortunate I am … I get endurance back deliciously quickly. And I still have my GPS 🙂 

    But for now… back to seeing if I can make this Java assignment fly… 


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