Observations from that 6:30-8:30 ride: 8:00 traffic is nasty, comin’ and goin and harried and hurried in *both*directions out on the “roads to get to town.” When I’m on a bicycle and the road isn’t wide enough to merit stripes, I feel like a possum trying to get down a football field while there’s a game going on. Yes, the players work their way around me and generally without buzzing (yes, I take the lane), but… I considered heading further out into the country instead of taking loops but theorized that the 8:10 traffic would be just fine, and it was. It’s “rush minute,” after all.
Last Friday I’d heard this strange, loud sound — a full second or more that sounded kinda like a truck running over bubble wrap (or a million heat bubbles in the pavement). It kept happening, on the same general area of my loop, and it was close a nd loud enough to be startling. I thought maybe I was running over something… but I hadn’t *felt* anything.
It happened again today… second time around I realized it was Right. By. My. Ear. Third time around I saw that red-winged blackbird leave his spot on the wire … and theorized that the critter thought I was invading his territory. No wonder I thought the sound was right by my ear…
Fourth time around I reached up and grabbed the straps for my helmet camera holder. The critter didn’t move from his perch, but then I figured I’d let go in case he attacked anyway. Explaining beak marks on my hands in the ER would be weird…
Think I’ll trim those straps. Why stress out the fauna?


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  1. Now we know why the helmet is around – to guard against harassment from fowl attackers!

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