Post-magenta morning

tall tree struck by lightning


So I was asking myself last night whether, in fact, I had actually sensed the tingly electricity from that rather close lightning. Welp, probably… this tree is next door. (On the other hand, it might have heard those extra crackly sounds of tree-splitting that would sound a lot like thunder led me to believe “that was really close and hit something!”). There was a fair amount of magenta on the radar…

Left work yesterday half an hour early to avoid that stuff, tho’ it was only blustery by 5:15 when I got home, and didn’t get fargly until 7-ish… but at one point there was distinct teal color in the clouds — and green in the clouds back East *always* meant tornado warnings (both times — that isn’t tornado alley ;)) Fair amount of assorted debris tho’ my tree was the only major casualty spotted.

The other fun spottage was a bumper sticker, in the expected fonts & colors, but … it said “START SEEING AIRPLANES.” Hmmm… what’s next? START SEEING DAFFODILS… START SEEING SPOTS…

2 responses to “Post-magenta morning

  1. Start seeing pink elephants?

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