Stubble Fest!

Click on it for the better view — OMG STUBBLE FEST 🙂 🙂 IMAG0052


IMAG0050This. Is. Urbana.  So Michael Burns said he was playing one or two final gigs before he takes off for that Real Professor Type Job in Pennsylvania (boo hiss on our community for not creating a place for this guy to instigate growth and education *here*).   And gosh, this one was … on my way home.

Imagine the whole fun blast of a festival — but scaled down so that you didn’t have to make rules.   Everybody fit under the assorted tents when the deluge came. Dogs could have fun. Kids could run around. Bands could jam. Oh, and there was a bus.

I was more than a little sleep deprived, having spent the last three days doing a conference thing that had me spending more time on airplanes than convening, especially counting the sittign-on-the-runway time. Yes, our society/culture is on The Downswing; things just don’t run well. Given the choices of ways things could suck Friday, though, I’ll take getting stranded in Dallas. I wasn’t in the path of any tornadoes, and I *knew* I was stuck; if I had actually made the connection that air traffic control precluded, then I’d have ended up arriving in Chicago, not Champaign, and spending the night there.

The American Airlines folks first simply booked me for the plane *24 hours later* from Dallas and too-bad-so-sad about any accommodations, and it took a few phone calls and talking to one person after the other to get a $50 room at Super 8 (which, the reservation guy says I may get reimbursed if I make the right phone call to customer relations during business hours. The motel morning guy warmed my heart and acutely reminded me of my brother. When I came down for the 4:00 am shuttle, he nudged “Mr. Ulysses” from his snoozing spot on the chair and said he’d have to go outside to wait for that friend that was supposed to come at 3:00, since the morning shuttle folks were coming. He then gave us all the “inside scoop” about getting to the right gates, though he completely befuddled one man telling he he’d be going to “charlie 6” — as in gate C6. It was kinda refreshing to be Back Amongst The Common People after that day of being wined and dined with the Big SHot Administrators at this “convening.”

But years from now, I’ll be able to say “Yea, STubble Fest?? I was there 😉 ”

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