’nuff o’ that snow stuff

… I’m back riding in again, having taken the bus the past two days.  Yea, I rode on worse stuff in previous years but a:   I didn’t have a bus pass & that familiarity with the bus system, and b: each of those days came with a long-term forecast of even worse weather, and c: the Gazelle didn’t have a tire with a gouge so big you can see the cardboard boot all too clearly.   (I’m on the Dahon with its studded front tire.)

We lose our hour this weekend… so I’ll get to ride home in sunlight… and get up in the dark…

2 responses to “’nuff o’ that snow stuff

  1. Will you give us a report on the Dahon studded/non studded combo? Almost as interesting would be a studded front with zip ties as chains in the rear. After all, 80% of the braking is in front anyway.

  2. Zip tie ‘chains’ would still be *disastrous* with rim brakes, I would think, tho’ I guess you’d just remove the brakes.

    Fact is that I really didn’t ride over any frozen stuff that was longer than my wheel base. With the studs in front I could drive into what was there (instead of my tendency towards “afraid of the ball” behaviour). The tires are fat enough to almost like it.

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