Happy new year :)

… I have 185 miles so far; haven’t done anything longer than 20 miles but I have nudged the extra loop or two at lunch.

This a.m. I was glad to be caffeinated as I saw the driver perpendicular do a “point scan” in front of her, then skip me to check to see if anybody was *approaching* …. unfortunately, I was already there (but being a bicycle, didn’t take up as much room)… but my “HELLO!” came fast enough for her not to accelerate.   (I *might* have been wrong… maybe she saw me… but she was stopped far enough into the intersection to make that unlikely.)   Oh, and being out in the lane meant she hadn’t come but so close to me anyway.  Her window was open, too, so I suspect the voice practically in her ear was especially effective.   I almost heard her thinking “What is that idiot doing out there!  Bicycles just shouldn’t be out there!”   and if she did think that, I hope she heard my response that the idea that she could not effectively look for others on the road before pulling out shoudl not mean I have to stay home from work…


One response to “Happy new year :)

  1. “Hello” is a very civilized approach…

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