This time it’s Grover Everett — on every GITAP but the first one, the high mileage champion… soft-spoken, smart & fun… run over by a driver at 71.”A car driven by
Willem D. Cohen, 22, of Pawnee, drifted onto the westbound shoulder
and struck Everett’s bicycle.”

I suspect the story is that Willem D. Cohen was doing something else and Willem D. Cohen didn’t watch as he drove off the road and ran over Grover. Any car that “drifts” onto the shoulder should be quarantined from the road, as well as the driver.


4 responses to “Death.

  1. I’ve never formally met or personally know Grover but I’m sure I’ve ridden near him on several rides as we are both members of the Springfield Bicycle club. He rides thousands of miles each year. 18,000+ on at least one.
    Wow! Anyway, he was traveling away from the sun on a relatively narrow two lane. The driver HAD to see him with the sun behind them both at 8:40am, heading west. Else he was COMPLETELY distracted jackin’ off with his phone or something. Hopefully the law will provide some sort of justice here. It’s very sad. I feel I’ve lost a friend.

    • I wouldn’t classify IL 104 as a relatively narrow road. It was two 12-foot lanes and what looks to me to be a four foot paved should on each side. I have been to the accident location and have a photo I can share.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful man, someone who always tried to improve the world around him. He was highly regarded at the “Y”.
    Let’s hope that the crime scene was properly investigated, and that cell phone(s) and their records are in hand.

  3. Uh update, I guess.
    “Cohen was cited for improper lane usage, state police said. No additional charges are expected.” ?????

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