Ride to the Depot

…. the weather is lousy so it looks like there might be oh, five people doing it… some creative soul needs to think of a crappy-weather-option.

slashdot.com  has another link to an article about increases in cycling commuting because of gas prices and, alas, the comments haven’t improved over the past two years or so.   They had improved a bit — there are now a few cyclists who post — but the majority of the boingy culture are, it seems, of the “what??? physical exertion ?!?!?”  mindset, with a hefty dose of the “roads were made for cars; we can kill you, so get out of the way.  Of course, I’m stridently against all forms of oppression…”  Perhaps it’s a shift that a person describing his shift to cycling gets a “four points: insightful” score (my posts have never gotten a second look so I always get “1” — the geek types also tend to be cliquish…).
Bike project was very quiet yesterday so I gave the back end of the Xtracycle a close inspection and I think I’ve rearranged clasps and straps so things don’t fall out. Found the second half of the blender stand (hooray!) so when my side car comes I shall endeavor to make a full bar 😉 Hmmm… might could do that for Cranksgiving…

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