autumn is here :)

Say what? I didn’t blog about LCI training?   They should have just told us “bring your own food” — though, frankly, they should have done better research so we could have eaten reasonably well.   Dudes.  Our culture has gotten past “Man was meant to eat MEAT” which was what the big sign at the barbecue where we ate lunch said. Thursday when I had the League of Illinois Bicyclist folks here, we met at the library and walked over to Common Ground Food Coop to get lunch.   People knew all their ingredients, thank you… Urbana rocks 🙂

Food and lack of sleep aside (nobody’s fault — but it was a hotel room, and not my bed) it was pretty awesome.   Yes, you’d better already be a vehicular cyclist.   I had to be “up” for presentations and what have you, and if I’d had had to apply the same level of focus on the riding around (which I would have if I didn’t commute daily and lead rides), I would have been even more dangerous Sunday than I was.   I was tired enough to “decide,” despite having been told otherwise, that we were proceeding straight at an intersection.   The poor “leader” to my left wasn’t going to get around me… everybody else executed the turn, and then I did, by which time poor Pat had to go straight and around the block, and they wondered why she’d gone AWOL.   Yes, I set them straight about who’d made the blunder…

At any rate, I do still have to get a bit better at teh emergency maneuvers that I was unable to skillfully execute on my Dahon.  (Yea, I know, it should have been *easier,* but I did ’em better on the Xtracycle. Big and Slow work better for me.)

And it’s really, really time to replace that front tire… adding air every other day is getting old.   (Yes, it’s the tire that’s old; not just a tube thing.)

2 responses to “autumn is here :)

  1. The thing about LCI is it is about how to teach people how to ride, not really about how to ride. They (apparently correctly), figured you already knew about the latter. Who taught your seminar?

  2. Larry Mysz & Jane Healy and Ray whose last name I don’t remember that I know from the Illinois week-long loop ride, GITAP. (And I was, actually, unable to execute the instant turn… with my 20″ wheels I could just turn without doing the flip-to-the-left and then turn-to-the-right thing… especially since I’d tweaked the seat down to make the quick stop easier…)

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