It’s the infrastructure, dudes

I hung out at the Champaign County Bikes table yesterday at the farmer’s market. We gave out some maps and talked to folks.  There was a man who inquired about turning right in his car when there was a bike lane, and I confirmed that yes, he should “take the lane” so that the bicycle riders would be encouraged to go to the left adn discouraged from going to the right. I noted that the current bike lanes became dashed near intersections, and described how I move out to the left to make room for cars coming up behind me to make that right turn.

The other conversation of note was from the Token Driver Who Needed To Talk About THose Stupid Cyclists That She Almost Kills.  Two issues concerned her most:  unlit riders and … those using sidewalks.    Oh, and she was from Maryland, and things were much better there!   I was intrigued. Just where in Maryland was she from?  Oh, she said, a planned community.  Greenbelt or Columbia?   Columbia.

I suggested that one of the reasons our cyclists and drivers were having more conflicts was that whole planning thing and it gave her pause…  if there are places to ride safely and visibly because of the way the infrastructure is designed, ya know, the cyclists probably get “smarter…”

2 responses to “It’s the infrastructure, dudes

  1. Andy in Germany

    I remember someone saying that what looks like ‘bad behaviour’ to drivers is cyclists adapting to infrastructure that isn’t designed for anything but cars.
    An isn’t is fascinating that when a driver almist kills a cyclist, it’s always the cyclist who is at fault…

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