Give me just a little more green :)

Okay, I’ve sort of got that in that today was “closing” on my refinance at much lower interest… but even better than that, yea!!  it really looks like my request for a few more seconds of green on the light cycle westbound at Church and Mattis was granted.   That’s twice this week  that I have been approaching as it changed to green and got *through* before it went yellow, without the walk light having been activated.

I did have a Yellow Checker Cab guy try to right hook me last week… guessing that company doesn’t realize that cyclists might just be a good market to try to be on good terms with.   I’m car free, but if I take a cab, it won’t be from youse guys.
snow in the forecast today so it’s folder time… but might just get home before it starts.

One response to “Give me just a little more green :)

  1. It’s remarkable how cab, bus, and train companies seem to miss the concept that cyclists are a good market, and treat us as an inconvenience…

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