Foggy foggy Do!

I rode in this morning “as if I were invisible.”   It’s a whole lot less fun and I don’t think it’s really safer, *usually.*  No, I didn’t turn into a gutter bunny, but I was going a whole lot more gingerly, especially at intersections of any kind.   I think this is what it felt like the first times out on the road…

Scene on the ride in — this is frost, not snow. I had already decided to hop to the sidewalk on Bradley since visibility was AWFUL (this rider had pulled up beside me at LIncoln in the arrogant assumption that s/he’d be going faster than me… and it was a lovely WIndsor bike, and it did… and then had to brake pretty hard and swerve to avoid the nimrod blowing the stop sign at the next intersection.

Construction meant the right lane was blocked at Bradley so I ducked onto the path and then couldn’t resist snagging a picture.   This was after the frost had stpped actively *falling* from the skies (during which the visibility was better) and sticking to everything, and was just hovering in its white suspension.

One response to “Foggy foggy Do!

  1. Andy in Germany

    We have less trouble with fog as we’re on top of a hill but the snow is interesting at times, especially when it’s coming horizontally…

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