Oops, time flies!

It’s Ground Hog Day — and a foggggggy one.   I put backpack in saddlebags and donned a hi-viz vest and got my too-puny-to-go-over-my-coat hi-viz jacket and put it on the back of the Xtracycle.
Approaching the school crossing on Church, I spied a patrol car in waiting as cars approached me from the rear… I straightened up and pulled out a little further in my lane for that and assorted other reasons… but the driver behind me decided that meant he had to accelerate and spurt past me.
The officer passed me safely… and I passed him as he was examining the spurter’s license…  the guy wasn’t going ridiculously fast, either.   Had he done the sensible (and, happily, far more common) thing and backed off he’d have *saved* himself the notice.

One response to “Oops, time flies!

  1. Sometimes this happens on our 7km/h shared space streets where someone in a big Sercedes storms past me at 30 hurling abuse for ‘blocking his way’… then gets hotographed by the camery behind the next tree.

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