Dustings of snow…

and yesterday there was a hint of freezing rain and sleet. It’s the weather saying “okay, you need to get ready; we’ve been nice, but sometimes slick happens.”

So I’ve just brought my Gazelle in – the abused creature that deserves a better home than mine because I don’t have the skiklls or tools to take care of it in the manner it’s accustomed to… and those studded tires asked me if they could get on the glitter bike.   (Okay, I realized that the glitter bike might be the *perfect* winter monster bike. There are more studded tyres in the world. )

If hte glitter bike became the MOnster Winter BIke  (except… rim brakes?) then… the Gazelle would have less abuse.

Of course, if the glitter bike is still Too Tall then that won’t work.

2 responses to “Dustings of snow…

  1. Andy in Germany

    I run the Xtracycle on rim (V) brakes al year and it generally stops on command.

  2. i just got used to not stoping well

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