It’s beginning to look a lot like…

… Christmas lights 😉 It’s going to rain today; temps will be in the mid 40’s.

I realized I was probably riding less because the weather is better; can’t gloat as much 🙂   I set up the trainer — had to undo the skewer for the trailer. Suppose I’ll have the stuff of gloating if I rehook it, put the trailer on, put trainer in trailer and ride through the downpours to the Champaign Cycle training ride tomorrow night.


3 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. I tried the trainer and hated it. I use walking as cross training. Maybe go back to the gym and use the elliptical.

  2. The trainer stuff isn’t so bad when it’s with a group and a video at the bike shop. It’s like running in that wham, I’m out of breath fast and there’s no coasting…. and that it seems to take forever for five minutes to pass.
    but right NOW it’s time to ride…

  3. I once had to do daily exercise in a training room for my theatre degree. I loathed it s well: as soon as I could I found someone who would lend me a bike and went cycling every morning. Much better.

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