Michael Costa killed


Wide roads between businesses … cold and rainy…– Market Street is the the best but still bad way out to North of the Interstate   … life… ended.

And… update. Seems commenter thought this was unsympathetic and sanctimonious, and I remembered that … when I want to find out if something horrible happened to somebody, somewhere, extremely recently, I Google news and blogs with the name. So, it’s not the blog to talk about me.  Defending my post as “well, still reacting” — well, I posted it… and any comments should be given the same appreciation for “reacting.”

Time to ride to work.  (Sanctimonious three-sentence rant about the evils of motor vehicles removed.)

2 responses to “Michael Costa killed

  1. Wow. Not even a hint of sympathy in this sanctimonious post.

    Someone died a horrible death. Lose your attitude, join the human race.

    • Sorry you don’t hear any sympathy there… I’m afraid I had just found out and was still in the gut-punched stage of things, imagining this guy not getting home that night and wondering who would be wondering where he was… did he have a workplace of folks who found out today that he wasn’t coming in, forever… wondering if he’s related to one of my students with the same last name but … it was time to go to work, as I said, so I had to limit it to

      life… ended…

      Have you read any other posts, Mr/Ms Funny Name Judger Of Me? Do I come off as sanctimonious elsewhere? Or are you a pot calling a kettle… or… am I supposed to be a whole lot more sympathetic to the driver? I do work on that, but it’s hard. The rant about cars was in response to that internal argument — do I want to be on a bike out there? Or should I get a car, which would be safer?

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