Gleaning ideas…

At the last Champaign County Bikes meeting, it was suggested that we add to the next meeting’s agenda: ways to reach out to more casual cyclists.

At the Bike Project, someone mentioned “gleaning rides” — gleaning being going out to farms and harvesting what hadn’t been harvested for whatever reason (Jewish tradition being *not*  to harvest everything so’s the wandering soul or poor person could do so).     There’s a page for that here… National Gleaning Day.   It’s happened twice.

My Racer (Schwinn, one-speed, 1968) has been rendered ridable again via Carl down at The Bike Project, who stood on the fork until it was straight again; what my father would have called “gentle brutality” or “creative brutality,”  but I think the former:  gentle application of enough brute force to get the job done…. *without* causing collateral damage.  It was all I could do to get back on the Xtra for shopping 😉

Other amazing news  — I was SHOALED last week!   Somebody actually did buzz by me (and the cars) at a stop light…. I *did* suck his wheel. One house close to here is Christmas treed and stockinged… I have to say that I”d imagine that kind of makes the whole “this is a special day” concept a little dimmer… more like “okay, htese are the decorations for this couple of months…”

And now, back to Messing with Maya…

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