LED knockoffs?

Maybe it’s a sign that LED lights are finally coming into their own?  Project 3 in my Digital Arts class is to do a 3-D model in Maya that uses light, so I sent Google searching for bike light images. http://www.pludeal.com/silicagel-steel-wire-light_p4395.html was the result — and they seem to have a small variety of almost-but-not-quite-like knockoffs of NiteIze and Frog (knog) products.

I’m afraid I yielded to the temptation, and went to NiteIze and sprang for their newest model of itty bitty spoke lights, plus two clip-to-your-belt bags that will hold phone/camera/tools.   I have yearned for a gadget holster forever…

One response to “LED knockoffs?

  1. Wow, very nice. Are you planning to build one? I look forward to the result…

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