Diet is over

… the construction isn’t done, but they’ve removed that stop sign.  The backup on the side street that detours from Mattis wasn’t very bad when I went by.

I left work with negative patience… stopped by County Market for cheese and a card to kill the time before dinner, and noted to self that I looked well layered and, well, homeless what with my bulging bag and, oh yea, the plastic jack-o-lantern dangling from my Xtracycle bag (with the little LED light in it), and my huge blaze orange gloves that were a *tad* too warm for today but not really.

So I should have been primed for the kindly man in the nice car whose window rolled down so he could gently tell me I really should be on the sidewalk, as it was safer.  I said, “Not really, ” and he said, “yes, really…”

I said, “Only if you’re threatening me.  THe facts and statistics say otehrwise…” and as his window was closing, I half-snarled “but you wouldn’t care about facts and statistics.” Then I figured he may have truly thought I thought he was threatening me.

I simply did NOT have it in me to walk one more person through something that they had some kind of major blockage about…

2 responses to “Diet is over

  1. I hate to say it, bit wasn’t a teachable moment for the guymin the car. Willful ignorance and all…

  2. Actually… from his tone of voice, I’m pretty sure he thought I was one of the folks who live in the nearby apartment complex with cognitive disabilities. Now, I’m not sure he’s teachable, but I think he was one of the people who just think sidewalks are safer.
    There are people who think nobody could be as ____ as I am unless it’s “on purpose.” I know otherwise… and try to reflect that on what other people do, too.

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