Road diet, or bariatric surgery

Seems they’re doing something over on Mattis, so traffic is being diverted, so this temporary stop sign is up.  The backup was past Church Street, and while I considered sticking to the queue, the fact is that the concrete seam makes a big fat shoulder/right lane and right hooks weren’t an issue with cars moving one at a time, so I scooted past and took the picture. Oh, and the local constabularies were there to enforce. Police by temporary stop on Country FairIt’s windy and warm today.

Saw the usual plethora of bicycles on the way in and noted just how many had big ol’ Wald-style (probably Wald brand) baskets. (Everybody else had panniers, I’m pretty sure.  We’re a carryin’ crowd.)  Would have been a good day to snap a pic for “when to ignore bike lanes” because there was a driver idling in the one by Christie Clinic. Oh, he was *mostly* in a parking space — but it’s just easier to pull out if you’re out further, and isn’t the bike lane convenient for that? (Personally I don’t mind the behavior — I can move out and it’s not as if there’s traffic behind me to be slowed down as I do.)

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