Found one! (“how to ride on path”)

… and I even like it.  — last updated 2003 —  has a rather nice summary of “where to ride.” To wit:


A multi-use path can sometimes provide a useful shortcut, and it can be pleasant and scenic, but many paths are no place for a high-speed training or fast commuting ride. Intersections may be frequent, and there can be confusion as to who must yield right of way. A path may be narrow, have blind corners, and be crowded with unpredictable inline skaters, dog walkers and inexperienced bicyclists.

Ride at a reasonable speed; more slowly when it is crowded. Take extra care at intersections, and move off the path if you stop riding. When overtaking give an audible signal and leave plenty of space if you can – the closer you must pass the more slowly you must go. Remember that pedestrians can change direction suddenly. A path does not automatically make you safe – you still must be alert for many potential hazards!

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