The “discipline” of creative thinking and humility…

I saw a man walking with an umbrella, and briefly explored the possible reasons for carrying a bumpershoot on a perfectly nice day – was it the clouds that *were* more plentiful than any day in the past week? Was the person going to be traveling on through the rains forecast tomorrow?  Was the person a compulsive brolly-toter?

I contemplated on the superior nature of these thoughts, and how I *could* have been anxiously musing on whether or not somebody would hate me or mug me or look funny at me … or, I could have been actually mentally preparing for the challenges of the day… or even remembering where my keys were 😉 I reveled in my trousers, which fit nicely and stretch and look nice.

I proceeded to get to work and completely abandon all that, and get swallowed up in negative nonsense, and only when I finally had the good sense to go where I could see outside did I see clouds, remember the man with the umbrella, and apply that same “think creatively, not destructively” ethos even *inside* where pencils were being sharpened endlessly.

THe stripes have been added to Randolph and they’re nice — but no, I wouldn’t use the bike lane yet; it’s still too crowded with Pods and construction stuff. We’ll see…

One response to “The “discipline” of creative thinking and humility…

  1. Andy in Germany

    I once knew someone who had a very high risk of getting skin cancer, so she had to carry a brolley all the time, rain or shine.

    And yes, lack of the outside gets me thinking negatively as well. When I’m not sorrying where my keys are.

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