Randolph Stripes

Per request, I snapped some pics of the new construction on Randolph Road. The bike lanes had been a major hazard, since solid lines directed bicycles to stay to the right of the lane where the CUMTD busses … turn right from, thank you.   Me bein’ a savvy cyclist and all, I did warily ken the problem and would make a point of positioning myself behind buses and to their right, so’s they could see me in their mirrors and so, would any other cyclist come forth, I’d be blocking them.   That never happened… and it seems now that they’ll be putting dashed lines in so’s them buses can get on over.

It was another morning of Constant Flow Of Bicycles 🙂

Yesterday we had the annual meeting for Champaign County Bikes. I rode the Xtra with the Maya and Charlie Smyth said he was sitting out Cranksgiving — so I’ve intimidated him with my very presence!!  (Not… more like, now I need to make up for the loss so — good people, NOVEMBER 13 — get on yer bikes and ride!)

Very Wrong Way, dudes... those folks coming out of the driveway aren't looking your way...Wishful Thinking, but I like the thought.