Maya is here!!!

Okay, I have been hopefully not wasting my time with the fractions gig… so I need to get down ot farmer’s market… so let’s see exactly how long it takes to do this thing.   This will preclude posting pictures ’til I am done/get back… but 10:14 is Start Time 😉

10:39…. I have united a phillips head piece to a thing that holds it and makes it a screwdriver.   I can absolutely guarantee that these have not been together for at least 5 years.  Part one, the fender, is on.,

10:43… can’tfind the reflector light… it’ll wait.

10:51… got the wheel on.  It was a little tricky to figure out exaclty what to loosen 😉

10:58…. handlebars succdessfully stck in and styrofoam removed to try to put the connector fork on… OH DEAR… I have to do a 3-d thing with a lynch  pinl…

Yup.  This is the Nice In Theory,, but it doesn’t reach… okay, had it reaching too far… (only took about 13 viewings…) 11:07…no idea where flag is, that will have to wait.

Out to bike to skewer it.  Now we’re talking fail.   Lovely movie but even close up, full screen… I cannot discern where to split the skewer.   Which parts go on which side???  I’ll look ahead to see if that helps — on e of thse ‘read all the directions twice before starting” situations.

11:24… going to have to bail and go to farmer’s market… soon…

OH, and, sorry, Siuos, there aren’t any more direcitons.  You’re supposed to figure that part out yourself, because of course itw ill be obvious.

Not obvious, but I got there (in one of those *I did it just like this before but it didn’t work* things.)

Excelpt… nope, dear hearts, it’s not going to go nicely.   Xtracycle + Maya means… parts occupying same space.   It’ll have to go on another bike., in another few minutes … but I haven’t like totally given *up.*    What’s a little busting up metal?

Or, perhaps, a little… sticking the thing on the sides of the Xtra instead of the wheel?   Will take to TBP…   but the good news is that in 90 minutes, this thing *would* have been fully installed, and that includes the finding of tools and munching on things and changing tunes and that sort of things. So… here are the pictures, starting with the end, but then going back to the beginning. You know it will have a sad ending so you won’t be broken hearted — but it’s not that sad.  I am thinking that maybe I’ll make my own “fork” from bike frammes 🙂

It won't go

maya trailer in box on porch

It's not a penguin, but I'm happy anyway 🙂

Got Wheel and Fender On

Yay! Got Wheel and Fender on!

Her'es the business end... before...

Only about seven attempts and I got these little pieces parts in the right place...

The Grand View of the trailer and fork...

The Xtracycle, looking nervous...

Flipped Over, Ready To Receive (disregard clutter)

Brought the Movie Directions Outside...

A little hard to figure out which parts went on which side... trust your gut 🙂

And the last pic is the “oops, the fork runs into the Xtracycle parts.”  They look really similar…  we’ll see…

One response to “Maya is here!!!

  1. The back light looks a bit bulky, could you mount it higher up? On my Xtracycle I have a small one on the mudguard itself which fits between the Xtracycle frame pieces, which would probably make life easier.

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