Sweet signals

Comin’ back from church, on Wright, and there’s a big ol’ bus stopped and four-way-flashing in the right lane.  I give it a very wide berth – and stay out there, ’cause I’m going to turn left, but I realize that the nice driver hanging back behind me doesn’t know that, since I’m turning left into that wide path thingy that cuts through to Main. A simple left-hand-pointing and we can both move along efficiently, me to the left and him around me on the right.   WIthout the signal I’d have been ranked among the “those bike riders, you never know what they’re going to do!” group…
Toyed w/ getting a ride to Perrysville and decided to man up instead. Yes, I’ve gotten behind on the math project but the problem isn’t not enough time, it’s not enough focus.   GTiving myself more time will just reinforce the entropic forces.   Rather, I’m going to try to engineer ye olde mic and recorder, and Figure Out How To Convey Fractions en route.

My plan for the ‘help with fractions” presentation is to address people who are totally, hopelessly confused – the people who know what half is, usually.   THen they get a math problem that says “divide by a half,” and wonder whether or not that’s anything like “half of” something.   My thinking is that I can spend twenty minutes on “half of this” being the same as “divided by 2,” and then what dividing *by* is all about (and the stupid fact that well, of course, we don’t really do it that often — if we do, we turn it into multiplication before we’ve even thought about the math), and then 20 minutes with Sue’s Special Fraction Addition Method.

But hey, that’s for that other blog!


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