Spontaneous responses

I was pleased with yesterday’s, tho’ it was tempered by seeing that the driver’s window was down; had that not been true, it might have been sharper in word and tone, both.

I’m in the right lane, and there is a parking lane too, and she’s backing out of a driveway  into my road.  Yes, she’s turning tightly, but she is *not* waiting at all for me. I’m supposed to either stop or assume she sees me (she *was* making a very tight little turn in a subcompact) and proceed in hope?
“Thank you, I think, for not running me over?”   Only the tiniest inflection of sarcasm…


3 responses to “Spontaneous responses

  1. Perhaps she didn’t know you were coming. Did you give a loud warning yell? I’m fortunate in being naturally loud.

  2. I almost got taken out by someone who could *actually* (or so I thought) see me head on and made a left turn in front of me. Saved myself with a ridiculous but somehow successful high speed swerve. Ever since then I’ve been wary of all cars making turns or backing out. Trust no one 😉


  3. My own motto is different: trust but verify! I think our basic approaches are compatible.

    Such situations are one reason I ride in the left-center lane position on roads with lanes less than 14 feet wide. It maximizes reaction time if one of my motorists does something dumb. It also reduces the frequency of having to actually react beyond carefully watching the potential conflict develop.

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