Critical Mass :-)

No, not the organized-but-deny-it rides… but the fact that I’ve commuted 5 and a half days and cycle sightings are …. they’re not really sightings any more, except for this morning when there were “only” 11 or 12. (Does the U have MTWF classes, too?)

At least three times there have been multiple bikes at an intersection (twice, five).  Goin’ under the RR tracks one day, there were two of us going east, two going west and no cars.

It’s not all good, though… there’s a Mr. Vest who looks like Mr. Safe Rider, is significantly older than Your Average Undergrad… and if he rode like that and were the only rider, then he’d only be annoying drivers when they saw him bobbing and weaving.   He’s quite competent, but we played leapfrog last Thursday and Friday because I’m faster than he is, but I don’t ignore stop signs and weave between the cross traffic.   This week I’ve managed to get myself out the door a few minutes earlier… unless he’s already clocked somebody…

Went to Meijer last night to get a mouse, and as I was leaving a lady rode up on a Roadmaster and complimented the Xtracycle, and went on to say in her accented voice that this was a nice place for cycling, and that the drivers were so nice and drove slowly, and she was only now getting used to it, since she was from Europe.   I concurred 😉


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