I tootled down to Common Grounds to give ’em my loan check, adn got “a million thanks” from behind the counter.  Welp, their tally says they’re not even halfway…  but here’s hoping it’s a good investment.

Tootled back and approached the T at Broadway and Washington where a grey-to-white coiffed Asian man was walking with a cooler on a luggage-wheeler, with soil-caked hand trowel — coming back from the community garden, I suspect, about half a mile away.

I deferentially rolled to the right so he could cross first (he was perpendicular, on my right) and he gave me a slight bow… I grinned and looked at him with my best attempt at reverential respect  and he looked at my bike and just said, “Beautiful.” I said “thank you” and we went along our way…
You don’t get that in a car; his opinion matters a lot more than the SUV “get on the sidewalk!” dudes…

One response to “beautiful

  1. Andy in Germany

    Agreed on the comments. I notice that I get universally positive comments from pedestrians on my bike(s), drivers… not so much. They’re too busy talking on their mobile.

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