Sweet sunny Saturday!

The attempt to film the assortment of bikes at the market failed.   I haven’t mastered… haven’t acquired any abilities to film  because I want to hold it up to my eye and do the viewfinder thing.   How do other people do it?

Today’s Saunter was really nice — 18people including Lance 😉 — should have included Margie but… that noise from her tire was a significant bulge, the “pop in the next mile” kind..   We went to Sidney and then 10 people went on to do Block and 8 of us did Philo (makes a 22 mile ride instead of 18).   A truck crept along behind us for most of That Obnoxious Mile out of Philo — but wasn’t hostile… and judging from the sounds the motor was making, was perhaps rightfully concerned about the dangers of passing on that slight incline.   A fast acceleration was *not* going to happen.   We were tootling along at 15 mph.

Wines at the Pines afterwards for coffee & scones 🙂

Then off to the farmer’s market for plants. I was given an adorable yard decoration (pics to follow) … and my yard is incredibly tidy and trimmed thanks to Jimmy… and I have the odd basket or two that I got with geraniums. So, just don’t look *inside* my house 😉

I am rather shy of 1000 for the month … but who knows? I may get ambitious these next few days.


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