Grand GITAP :)

I’ve returned from the ramblings and ridings of the Grand ILlinois Trails and Parks ride. 6 days, a little more than 300 miles, max 102.

car-bike sweet moment:   small group trying to navigate a left turn in congestion.  Looked like we were going to have to go right and stop and wait … but no, that white truck has its left signal on and is holding things up and back far enough to give us clearance.   We go through and expect it to come round and pass us… except its signal is off now, and it proceeds forward.   A blatant attempt to let us through 🙂

sour moment:   little residential area and car creeeeeeeping down its driveway… my diagnosis: blind driver doing the “just praying like I usually do.”   Driver stops — but almost certainly for the car approaching from other direction.  I speed up and call out that I am there and would appreciate being seen.   Approaching car clears and I’m not, yet… but of course the driver begins the creep again.   I sprint across and holler “I’d appreciate it if you would LOOK, THANK YOU!!!”   and it did seem that the driver jumped a little.   Then I was followed at my 14 mph pace for three-four blocks, so I just pulled off the road and turned my back, since I really didn’t want to be held accountable for the things like “Will your next apology be at the funeral of the person you kill?”  and invectives that might follow.

Best food (besides our meals which were very good) — the smothered chicken at the bar in Durand. My appetite disappears when riding so I didn’t even read what the chicken was smothered in besides some kind of cheese, but it was something tangy *and* with very well caramelized onions.   It was a one-woman operation — she directed me to the iced tea button on the tap when she went to cook and was wonderfully maternal about making sure our little group (I had come in alone and expressed Iwa s prob’ly the last of the bikers, but four came in behind me) hydrated and comfortable.

The folder was the proper bike for the event ’cause it fit in the Prius and it didn’t mind at all the miles on limestone trail (optional — but the road option was busier than most people like). Still, I am going to work at figuring out how to get the Xtracycle to next year’s, including Amtrak, tho’ Amtrak’s consistent unreliability is rather an issue. Of course, if the starting point is less than 120 miles away…

One response to “Grand GITAP :)

  1. Andy in Germany

    Yes… I realised when in a car yesterday that I’m so used to thinking for dozy drivers and expecting not to be seen that I tend to worry other people in the car by seeing things moving some distance away.

    What I find annoying is that when I ride so that I’m safe from doziness, keep out of the door zone etc, I’m accused of being ‘aggressive’ and ‘dangerous’…

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