“Thank you!” … and culture change…

The Pedaling for Pleasure troupe was toodling down Crescent Road (not the one in Greenbelt, the one in Champaign) to get around construction, and I had my usual assertive lane position.  As the van approached from the rear and slowed, I ducked just a tad to the right to be aligned with the group in front of me (I have the broom and bell on my bike, so I ride sweep… Hmmm… wonder what else I could be doing with those implements…)

I got a “thank you” as she passed (with plenty of room).   I’d always wondered if those movements were perceivable.

I also had a “maybe this is what cycling is more like in cycling-culture places!” moment at Hessel/Stadium and Neil.  I’d plunked my bike on that middle stripe where it gets detected, and a car was behind me.    Just after crossing the street, I go down  through a scrawny underpass with concrete in the middle, generally rife with potholes tho’ effort is taken to keep them patched.  I generally have to decide on my strategy:   Ease into the intersection off to the right and let the car go by first,or  assert my position and hope the driver’s patient.   As I started out, I realized this driver was simply hanging back a bit… and easing out… anticipating that yes, I was going to have to get through first.   Now, CUMTD busses usually do that, but they’re professionals 🙂 Maybe this was a bus driver in her civvies, but it was most pleasant and agreeable.

Friday, taking the long way home by the fairgrounds, there was construction… and a “bicycle detour” sign.   Hey, that isn’t even asked for in those “are you bike friendly” questionnaires.

I saw about 20 bicycles coming in today.   Yesterday, there was a van at Second and White with three kitted-out folks standing next to bicycles on a bike rack on the van… looking like they were on a looooong ride…

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