Fast way home

I can do the round trip commute in something like 13.2 miles — scooting home to beat the plumber today proved it.   I did have an encounter with a Young Male Driver in a large (extra wheels in the back) sort of celeste green pickup who pulled out on me, and when I tooted at him, informed me contemptuously taht “I saw you.  You had plenty of time.”

I suppose he’s accustomed to giving people enough time to dodge him?  I told him something to the effect that he’d pulled out in front of me and he informed me that “most peo;ple…”  (would what? Have just ducked from his dangerously aggressive driving?) and then informed me that I should be in hte bike lane.   I pointed out that there were no bike lanes there (he had stopped to start this conversation out his window, an d then drove away talking)… so a few blocks later, he pointed out the bike lanes (as we approached Neil)… I succumbed and said “And there weren’t any back there… we’re not too bright, are we?”

I’ll work on sticking to the facts, as in “You pulled out on me.”   That “broken record” technique I learned about in my first classroom management course…

And alas, I attempted without success to not do the “Rewind, replay” of hte scenario but I’m hoping that since I’ve pretty much worked through the mental note of the level of threat (just high enough that I shouldn’t have escalated) and What I’ll Do If HE Shows Up Again (be that mature person who could be his teacher… and have my camera handy…)

And I did beat the plumber here.   And HOORAY my basement is dry.   When I thunked the pipe this morning, I swear the gurgling water in there said “Hey, we’ll do okay for  a bit.”

and hoo boy!   I’m 131 in the 2 mile challenge… movin’ up the ranks.

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