Bicycle recycle art 

So it seems this artist type person decided taht the abandoned raleigh on the street could become Art. And two days afterwards, as said… “Toronto artist turns abandoned bike into sculpture, City threatens fine for “storing bike on public property”

C’mon, Toronto!    C’mon, mild virality!   Hope some media person in Toronto grabs hold of it…

3 responses to “Bicycle recycle art

  1. Andy in Germany

    Well, we can’t have people doing things like this independently and just to make the street look nicer can we? They Must Do As They Are Told.

    I often wonder if that’s the point of arts grants by the way, not to encourage the arts, but to control them: people doing something that may be interesting or subversive are discouraged and wacky artists that make the city look trendy have cash lavished on it.

    And, why threaten people with a fine? Here we have bike roundups every few months, but there’s a couple of weeks grace afterwards so you can get your bike if it was removed and you still want it.

  2. I am just “sure” that somebody envisioned 20 of those all over the sidewalks. There are some precedents worth worrying about — and others that you wait and see if it *does* become a problem. If you hadn’t enforced that law for months, let it go for a few more months… and then call it what it is — art.

  3. (If it needs an official “approval” — have your little meeting and VOTE IT IN. Then you can feel like you have control over it ;))

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