2 mile challenge


So!   I realized that the Facebook page was a place for comment and communication, and did that — and Ryan emailed me about making that 77 crunchy instead-of-car miles count.  Now I feel good about not recording “recreational” miles 😛   and I”m in the top 200 in the points ranking, tho’ since I”m not trying to game the system, we’ll just see how it goes… no dramatically long commutes in the works.   Moral “dilemma” — does GITAP count as “instead of car” miles?   I mean, Vito has to get from one campground to the other, and he does it in the truck… snork… shall I turn the “moral dilemma” (let’s face it, no lives are lost or gained here) to Ryan?

It’s close to HOT these days and I”m still all kinds of splotchy from yesterday. So much for the “organic” zinc oxide concept. I just wasn’t quite ready to turn my *calves* Lifeguard Nose White and figured it would get hot as Hades. My face Took On Color, as when I was YOUNG.   My legs… splotch city. I found the Coppertone that I bought not too long ago and will check its ingrediments — at least one of the active ingredients (besides its zinc oxide) is on the “good” list.
Left message at plumbing but did not get call back.  Sorry, it’s not allowed to rain unless I’m at home until that gets taken care of, please???
Got 37 miles today and eked a few notches up the BikeJOurnal rankings to 455.  Now to go notch the 8 miles that were the commute into the 2 mile challenge… go ahead, sign up and start stickin’ yer miles in — if we don’t make ourselves Marketably Visible, we won’t exist. Right, Dr. Google?

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