Summer is here!

My sump pump is failing, regular-like — so I successfully implored the storms to stay away.  I just hate, loathe and despise the very thought of bringing in a plumber on a holiday weekend.  Happily, my house is clean enough for even somebody elsel not to be embarrassed to call a stranger in.

Caught up to my Google Reader and found   where he discusses the disdain regular commuters sometimes express at “bike to work [month/week/day].”  He draws a parallel to people who go to church at Christmas and Easter and questions doing the equivalent of telling those folks where to go in their internal-combustion handbaskets.

Consider:  lots of those C & E Christians find the event stressful and in the “But I’d feel even GUILTIER if I didn’t go!” category.    Ewwww… perhaps we should take active steps to keep Bike to Work Events from being Entirely Too Special.

But also, I thought that perhaps I could explain to people for whom religion is *not* a club you belong to that requires occasional stressful rituals, but is rather a part of living and breathing, that the conversion to cycling has some definite parallels.  It also means that when you’re Talking Spiritual Stuff and somebody says “who ever has time to just ponder things any more!!!”  you can say “well, every day, when I’m on my bike.”

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