Tour de Champaign

So!  Between 2:45 and 3 I just sat down and RESTED.  Then, hot shower. Change of clothes… then Out to the criterium.

Previous years, watching the guys and gals race around made my legs want to go out and ride — this time, watching them just made my legs throb in sympathy 🙂 My job was to ride the course — another perfect Xtracycle job.   THe bananas from Danville were a HUGE hit for the workers — I’m going to suggest it… (or if they do it on the same day again, I’ll bring more if theyv’e got the leftovers).

Last eyar I didn’t volunteer — but brought the blender.  SHoulda had it there this time, tho’ I ‘m not sure I’d have been the best blender in the world after 80 miles.

Oh, yea, another thing.    Whenever I was riding into the wind, the brakes were SINGING at me. Not sure what’s up with that rear disk brake rotor, but noise means friction.  (Thinking that somehow the bags blew something that moved something that caused things to shift.

Last little tour was out to a Post Rapture Partie , then home…

And,, chapter 3… Clif Bar’s silly 2 mile challenge…

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