That 2 mile challenge

Clif Bar is having its 2 mile challenge.   According to the blurb, it’s because the company Cares About THe Planet.   However, it’s looking more an d more like an “Oh, the boss decided we needed to have a marketing plan for this, and I was assigned to it.  I’ve done the asisgnment, can I go home now?”

It’s a glorified spreadsheet, like bikejournal — but, unlike bikejournal, there’s no way to communicate with people.  You just stick your miles in — not even a cell to write what you did or how the weather was.

It wouldn’t take much at *all* for the actual bike commuters to liven things up and encourage those feeling trepidation… but it’s not set up at *all* for that.  It even has that “Coming soon!! Featured Challenges” — that has been “coming soon” for rather a long time…

Clif Bars give me gas. THe nutrients don’t get digested well enough to get the good that should come of it.  Methinks their 2 mile challenge campaign is of the same ilk.

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